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Body Mind Centering ®


Welcome to my website !

I’m a Body-Mind Centering® practitioner and I invite you to discover this holistic approach intended to bring your body into movement.

Delicate movements, broad movements, fluid movements.

Discover the diversity of being present.

Body-Mind Centering® accompanies you towards a lively and respectful fluidity.

Have a nice stroll on my website !

Explore your body in movement

Feel alive and present

Body Mind Centering ®

A holistic approach


Body Mind Centering ® is a contemporary and sensitive approach to body in movement.​


In a BMC® session, we explore the richness of the living body through the ensemble of elements that it is composed of : the skeleton, the muscles, the ligaments and the fascia, the organs, the fluids, the nervous system and the endocrine glands, the skin and the respiratory tract, as well as the perception organs.

This approach connects our actual being to our personal evolution in time and as well to our evolution as a species.

In this way Body-Mind Centering® enables us to link our body to our mind, as a whole indissociable and to enrich our forms of expression on a personal level, both physical and psychological and on an artistic level.

Cornelia Linke Body Mind Centering
Cornelia Linke Body Mind Centering
Approche holistique

Explore your body in movement

Feel alive and present

Portrait & philosophy

Cornelia Linke


I discovered Body-Mind Centering® in the beginning of the nineties at a dance class given by Katharina Rustler at the tanzfabrik Berlin.

I was immediately appealed and intrigued by this approach, but I needed a more structured training in the beginning, so I formed myself as a physical and a manual therapist.


At the same time I continued to involve myself in movement through dance and Aikido. Other methods, like yoga, Feldenkrais and the Alexander-method enriched and extended my practice.


Finally BMC® came back into my life to express all these experiences, to give them grounds and consistency. In this way it structures my researches in improvisation and creation.


Explore your body in movement

Feel alive and present

Cornelia Linke

My accompaniments

3 axes

Feeling more lively and ready.

Being at ease in one's body in everyday life as well as in your professional and in your sports life.


Feeling more embodied in your body and in your entire being.

Make a connection between your body, your mind and your emotions. Work on a keystone to center and at the same time to let unfold different aspects.

Gain in autonomy.


Open up to other aspects of your creativity and find other ressources.

Open up hidden boxes of inspiration.

Explore the infinitely big and infinitely small.

Explore your body in movement

Feel alive and present

BMC ® Experiences

Images and words


Explore your body in movement

Feel alive and present

Apostrophe bleu moyen-02.png

A message to thank Cornelia for offering at each session a subtle exploration between the interior and the exterior, guided with a lot of sensibility and precision. A subtle combination that allows oneself to experiment more freedom and creativity. A unique journey that is renewed at each moment and that regenerates deeply.


Cornelia Linke | Well-being axis

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