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Well-being axis

Working with BMC® allows oneself to make the link between the different areas in one’s life that are often disconnected, to feel more lively and present in the here and now. The availability to what is going to happen will increase.

It contributes to make the transitions between the different fields in life more fluid and to extend the choice of possible answers.

An increased well-being, more ease in the body and in the psyche can arise, both being intimately linked.

BMC® is also a great tool to work on a specific theme in one’s professional or sports life : you can look closely on a specific situation and identify the superfluous efforts, work on the letting go of those efforts and make the tools that strengthen the objective more accessible. In this way it helps to improve the result, always according to the principle of “less effort – the right effort”.

Explore your body in movement

Feel alive and present

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