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Therapeutical axis

In our societies health and the body are often relegated to a third party : science and the doctor. Without denying their importance and necessity, BMC® allows oneself to re-appropriate one’s own body and health, and to acquire a real life knowledge, a knowledge that comes from the person itself.

The person can become more autonomous and can increase its self-esteem, its self-efficacy and efficiency.

The feeling of being ‘split up’ into different body parts as well as the feeling of being split up between the body, the mind and the emotions can be modulated in order to let a connection appear between these different areas. A multitude of centres become possible.

The person feels more ‘embodied’.


In BMC®, we don’t work on the symptoms, but on the entire being with its different facets. This enables us to work on keystones and let individual ways and paths of health to be revealed. They can unfold and in this way guide the person.

Explore your body in movement

Feel alive and present

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